Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I sign my child up for classes?

A: Twisters offers a rolling enrollment for most recreational classes – meaning they can begin classes at any time throughout the year. As of now, the only way to enroll for classes is to stop in for an enrollment form. Our front desk manager will help you pick appropriate classes, ensure there are openings and answer any questions you may have. For unusual circumstances, enrollment forms may be emailed. An enrollment is not complete until the form is completed, signed and returned.

Q: When can my child start classes?

A: Because of our rolling enrollment in most recreational classes, students may start classes any time throughout the month. We do not prorate classes until the last week of the month – at which time they are half-price for that month. For competitive classes, parents must make an appointment for their child to be assessed by an instructor so he/she is placed at the appropriate level. If dance classes are within a performance-window, students wanting to enter may have to wait a couple weeks for a new routine to begin.

Q: How do I know if classes have openings?

A: Please call our front desk at 660-238-0577 or reach us on our Contact Us page to inquire about class openings. Our classes fill up very quickly and enrollment numbers change daily. We offer more than 60 classes per week to try to meet the needs of all current and future students.

Q: Can we try a class?

A: Absolutely! Twisters offers one trial class per athlete. Please call or contact us in advance to ensure there are openings in the class you would like to try. We cannot take trial students if there are not current openings in the class.

Q: What should the athlete wear to class?

A: Tumbling and Gymnastics students should wear either a leotard or a shirt that tucks in and shorts or leggings. Students will be required to take off socks and shoes for tumbling, trampoline and artistic gymnastics classes. Hair should be in a pony tail or off the face and no dangling jewelry is allowed for the safety of the athlete and the coaches.

A: Cheerleading students should wear shorts, a t-shirt or tank top, sock and clean tennis shoes. Hair should be in a pony tail and no dangling jewelry is allowed. Shoes that are not deemed “clean” by the instructor will not be allowed. Students who are barefoot may not participate in stunting due to safety.

A: Dance students should have hair pulled back and no dangling jewelry. Hip Hop students may wear tennis shoes (or Converse-style shoes), sweat pants or shorts, and a t-shirt. Combo students should wear a leotard, tights, a tutu (optional) and bring tap and ballet shoes to class. For preschool students, jazz will be done wearing ballet shoes. For beginner students, jazz shoes may be required by the instructor. Ballet shoes may be found at local retailers, including the Danskin brand at Walmart, while tap shoes may be found at Payless. Occasionally, the consignment area at the gym may offer dance shoes.

Q: What extra costs may be incurred?

A: Tax is added to every service and sale within the gym. Missouri State Sales Tax laws apply. The gym’s annual fee of $25 will be charged on your anniversary month each year (the month you began classes.) Recreational cheerleaders may be required to purchase a t-shirt for performances, but costs will be minimal. Recreational tumblers and gymnasts will not be required to purchase anything extra. Competitive students must purchase uniform requirements and competition fees.

Q: Who will be instructing my child?

A: The coaches at Twister Sports are extremely qualified! We do monthly coach’s training where we discuss the nature of teaching children, specific skill sets that coaches must possess to work with different children, new techniques and drills for teaching skills, and hands-on spotter’s training. Our coaches attend annual conferences where we learn new skills as well as re-credential. We are a United States All Star Federation gym, and we hold a variety of stunting, tumbling and safety certifications. Coaches undergo rigorous training when first joining our staff and shadow top instructors prior to teaching their own group. Quarterly assessments are given for instructors to help provide feedback on their levels of communication, ability to teach clearly and safely, and individual skill set. If you have not yet met your child’s coaches, feel free to let our front desk know you’d like to meet them!

Q: How do I pay for classes?

A: Twister Sports offers automatic debit for our students. Accounts are charged the first business day of each month. Students who prefer to pay in cash or check may do so prior to the first of the month, but account information is required. If you are having trouble paying for classes, please talk to our front desk to pick up a scholarship application. Scholarship information is confidential.

Q: How can I change my child’s enrollment status?

A: To disenroll a child or put an account on hold, you may fill out an Add/Drop form at the front desk. You may also let us know on the Contact Us page of this website. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours, please call us at 660-238-0577. To cancel a class, you must do so 10 days prior to the 1st of the month to stop automatic charges. Putting an account on hold does not hold a child’s spot in a particular class. Many classes have waiting lists, so please consider that prior to disenrolling your child temporarily.

Q: How long might I be on a waiting list?

A: Some of our classes fill up very quickly and waiting lists seem to develop over night! In the past, if we see a waiting list getting too long, we have been able to add a class or we add staff members to increase our available slots. If you have been on a waiting list for more than three weeks, you may contact us to see if we can find you a different class that may suit your needs.