We believe tumbling is for everyone! Whether your child just needs to stay active, have fun or build core strength and flexibility, tumbling is the perfect activity. Our classes focus on not only learning the skills from our talented, experienced and certified coaches, but also on giving the athletes drills they can safely do at home to help them progress from week to week. Flexibility and strength are vital to the success of an athletes in any sport. For athletes who are looking for an individual sport where they can work at their own pace, in a safe and fun environment, Twister Sports has just the right class for you! Our classes are divided by age and skill level. The majority of our tumbling classes have a 5-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio so the athletes get tons of one-on-one time to work spotted tumbling and assisted drills with their coaches. Strengthening and flexibility exercises will be conducted with every tumbling class.


Cheerleading can be an excellent way for children to bring out their personality through performance. Our cheerleading classes are very athletic, as we combine motions, jumps, stunting, pyramids, dance and tumbling in to a choreographed routine. Our recreational, semi-competitive and competitive cheerleaders perform several times throughout the year within the local community. Cheerleading offers the opportunity for kids to learn teamwork and trust and make friends outside of school.


Our recreational, pre-team and competitive gymnastics teaches athletes instruction on the balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor routines. We recommend athlete have a foundation in tumbling to advance effectively on the equipment. Gymnastics teaches athletes balance and agility along with grace and poise all in a highly athletic sport.


Twister Sports offers recreational tap, ballet and jazz combo classes, recreational hip hop and competitive hip hop teams. Dance classes are taught in a fun, but disciplined environment, where athletes can use their tumbling skills and dance technique to entertain through performances in the local community.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our martial arts program teaches self-defense techniques to athletes of all ages. Not only will athletes learn to defend themselves through submission, but they will learn a disciplined approach in a fun and family friendly environment. Jiu jitsu allows athletes to earn ranking through a structured belting system without expensive testing or weapons. It is an excellent art form for males and females of all ages and all abilities.