Cloud Share

Cloud sharing is a great way to share documents seamlessly between devices.

How it Works:

An application is installed onto any devices you would like files shared between, this can be laptops, desktops, cellphones, or tablets. Once the application is installed you simply log into your account once and the software does the rest. Any file or folder placed into the designated location is shared between devices instantly. When a file is opened and edited, once saved, the file is changed on all devices. This makes collaboration work a streamlined process.

Cloud Backup Services

In today’s world it is a smart idea to have a backup of your data stored in a separate location.


If your devices fail, you can rest easy knowing a copy of your data is safely stored on our servers for an easy restore. Your data is safe with us, all data is transmitted securely vie 256-bit encryption to out servers as often as you like.

Automatic Backups

With our automatic backup services you can set a schedule and it is transmitted to our servers for safe keeping.